Tell Congress: We Need Supreme Court Term Limits Now


The Supreme Court is increasingly disconnected from the will of the American people. Nine unelected officials are handing down decisions on abortion rights, LGBT rights, and gun control that are widely unpopular and are at odds with both precedent and public sentiment. It’s a symptom of a broken system.

No one should have this much power for this long. There is a clear solution: term limits.

The United States stands virtually alone in giving justices a lifetime job. Rhode Island is the only state with life tenure for its state supreme court. Every other major democracy in the world has term or age limits for their high courts. Justices today accrue far more power than anyone in the founding era would have anticipated.

We need real accountability for an extremist Court. Send a message to your representatives and senators demanding term limits for Supreme Court justices now.

Term Limits: It's About Time
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